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Marriage U S. Embassy in Nepal

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  • They organized teachers unions in order to eliminate male and female pay discrepancy.
  • After the conflict ended, political parties committed to reform and an end to discrimination, but years passed without agreement on a new constitution.
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The volunteers receive training both initially and then on an on-going basis three times a year. The volunteers are unpaid, but receive small incentive payments for reporting births and conducting immunizations. There are worrying signs, however, that progress toward ending child marriage may be in jeopardy. Thirty-two percent of heads of households said that “willingness of children/self desire” was a reason for child marriages occurring in their household. In the early 1990s, like in some other Asian countries, women in Nepal were generally subordinate to men in virtually every aspect of life. Historically, Nepal has been a predominantly patriarchal society where women are generally subordinate to men.

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The government should ensure that all interventions to prevent child marriage and assist married children put the best interests of the child first and do not under any circumstances leave children worse off. Many people in Nepal draw a distinction between arranged marriages and love marriages, based on whether the spouse is chosen by the parents or by the child or children. When it comes to the effect on the child, however, as well as the factors driving the marriage, this distinction is often irrelevant. The government should incorporate prevention of child marriage into its efforts to reduce poverty, and take steps to end caste and ethnicity-based discrimination that plays a key role in driving girls into marriage. The government should ensure that all interventions to prevent child marriage and assist married children put the best interests of the child first and never leave children worse off. Many of the marriages we heard about were arranged—and, often, forced—by girls’ parents, or other family members. In some areas of the country, families marry girls at ages as young as one and half years old.

Across dozens of interviews Human Rights Watch conducted with children who had had love marriages, the picture that emerged was one where the impetus to marry was often abuse, poverty, or coercion. Most importantly, children who choose their own spouses typically experience the same harms as children who have arranged or forced marriages. The government should work to create incentives to register birth and marriage, structures to ensure registration, and sanctions for those who fail to register. Local government officials who register child marriages should be subject to disciplinary sanctions. The Nepal government should reform its system for registering births and marriages, and use this as a means to prevent and detect child marriage. Efforts to prevent child marriage through universal birth and marriage registration need to be sensitively designed and implemented so that they do not impose punitive measures on married children.

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In contrast, the ideal chaste woman loyal to her absent husband is epitomised by Penelope in Homer’s Odyssey. The Muses are another positive representation, celebrated not only for their physical beauty but also their wide-ranging skills in the arts. Whether these fictional characters had any bearing on the role of women in real life is an open question, as is the more intriguing one of what did Greek women themselves think of such male-created role-models? Gortyne women, as well as Spartan women, were able to enter into a legal agreement and appear before the court. She had special property that her husband did not have at his disposal, and in relation to that, she could appear in court and take oaths. Daughters in Gortyn inherited half of the movables that her brothers would receive.

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In many of the communities we visited, however, we saw little evidence of the government working effectively to try to prevent child marriage or mitigate the harm that married children experience. There were few programs to promote public awareness of the problem and where they existed they were often the work of NGOs rather than the government. Police rarely intervene to prevent child marriages, and appear to almost never do so in the absence of a complaint. Local government officials only sometimes refuse to register under-age marriages. Girls who had been sexually active sometimes fell pregnant, or even just feared pregnancy, and rushed into marriages they felt were the only way to salvage their future. With little access to information about sexuality and contraception, especially for children not in school, girls have little ability to understand, let alone control, their own reproductive choices.

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